Our Leading Brands

LACTOMUCH Capsule is comprised of six breast milk-increasing natural ingredients including Methi (Fenugreek seed) which is US FDA recognized as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) that women need to experience a tremendous breast milk increase after pregnancy. Natural galactogogues like Lactomuch capsule may be a better choice then prescription galactogogues due to the possibility of serious adverse effects. Improves quality &
quantity of breast milk. Improves general debility in nursing mothers. It contains Kalonji Oil which is a blessing of nature for the humanity.

SWITCAL Tablets is a High Potency CALCIUM - High Strength VITAMIN D3 - Fortified With MAGNESIUM & ZINC.

FEELENS Softgels: Herbal Performance Activator Soft Gelatin Capsules that Supports Male Fertility. Indications and uses: Reduced male fertility, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Inability to perform sexual intercourse.

OMACAD Softgels: A Soft Approach to Cardiac Disorders with Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Vitamin E Soft Gelatin Capsules. Indications and uses: Omacad Softgels is a very good support in treating cardiac and neurological disorders.

FUNTOZ Syrup: A Comprehensive Health Tonic For Growing Children with Protein, Vitamins, Iron & Minerals.

Product Development

Switzer, keeps pace with today's fast changing scenario of pharmaceutical manufacturing industry with continuous research and development of new molecules. Switzer is committed to customer care by developing products as per the specifications and requirements of customers spread the world over. There are many region specific requirements related to pharmaceutical products like, branding, labeling instructions, labeling language, color and design of packaging, brand names, marketing identity etc., which are taken care by Switzer while indulging itself in business with its associates to achieve maximum mutual benefits in pharmaceutical formulations marketing activities.

Maximum satisfaction of our customer is our prime priority while developing new products.

Switzer is marketing its products to many countries world-wide. Every market has a specific psych which has to be met by the company who wants to market its pharmaceutical formulations in that particular region. Medicines exported by Switzer are inline with the regulatory guidelines where they are to be marketed. Pharmaceutical product development has been a strong hold of Switzer Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.

Introducing SWITZER….

We are a multi-product, multi-faceted company catering to a wide spectrum of healthcare needs and are adhering to WHO cGMP systems. The trust and patronage gained by the company since years in our greatest strength.

We are the company known for Glory with Quality Governance and are one of the leading and advanced pharmaceutical manufacturers with WHO GMP Certification and have a vision to conceive, develop and deliver effective, qualitative and safe healthcare treatments through stringent quality control, dedicated people and conductive atmosphere.

By the constant improvement in customer service, efficient economic production, specified and strict quality, focused allocation of resources; employment of new techniques, alliances and strategic planning, environmental protection and safety with all statutory requirements of WHO GMP, the company is focused on its goal of being one of the leading players in healthcare.

At present we are manufacturing a wide range of human and veterinary products in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing ambiences. We are looking forward to partner with potential customer who can be helpful to us for achieving the targeted growth this year and for the years to come. We are more interested to have a long term relationship rather than keeping an eye on short term goals.

We are pleased to offer you marketing rights of our pharmaceutical formulations and medicines for your regions of the globe.

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