Manufacturing Facility

Pursuant to its ideology of striving for continuous improvement and betterment, company has its pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities at the state-of-the-art WHO-cGMP certified plant. Switzer Life Science is poised to be a most envied pharmaceutical manufacturing installation in the Indian healthcare industry. Truly unique in every sense of the term, the Plant's standards and facilities can match any other, worldwide. 'Zones of cleanliness' have been defined and adhered to as per WHO-cGMP guidelines.

  • Some of the salient features of the design concepts: No wood or asbestos component.
  • Each zone has separate AHUs (Air Handling Units), dehumidification unit and dust extraction systems.
  • Segregation of every critical processing activity in each zone, to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Adherence to stringent specifications of Schedule 'M'
  • Respective zones, areas and even uniforms are marked specifically
  • Air environment conditioned in each area with respect to temperature, humidity, filtration, particle counts.
  • Conformation of each processing stage with class of cleanliness; viz. 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 with respect to room air changes, pressure, particle count, flow direction etc.
  • Duo Pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system, multi-stage distillation plant, self-sanitizing, sanitary SS 31 loops water, with monitoring of pH, temperature, conductivity and TOC requirements.
  • Effluent Treatment technology is arranged for its waste outputs
  • Environment-friendly chillers
  • Good storage & stock management conditions in raw material, packing material and finished good stores.
  • Isolated and dedicated production facilities for different products.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is equipped with modern high-speed machines and integrated packaging lines to be cost efficient. Extensive use of visual inspection machines, multi-station tablet presses, attractive primary packing, online liquid manufacturing and filling lines are some of the examples. The plant with high capacities and scope for future expansion is capable of manufacturing all pharmaceutical dosage forms viz. tablets, capsules, oral liquid, external liquid, dry syrup, ointments, cream, lotions, gels, injections, eye/ear drops, soft gelatin capsules etc.